New Foreign Group Band “EXP” with Tagline “EXP Planet” Will be Debuted as K-Pop Group

EXP The Band

As a trend, K-Pop definitely spreads the wings worldwide just what happens nowadays. And one of the phenomenal boy band who succeed making girls cried out loud is a boy group under SM Entertainment, EXO.

The popularity might be a reason why a foreigner boy group named themselves “EXP” with tagline “EXP Planet” will be debuted soon as K-Pop group. EXO-L, as the fans of EXO are showing their anger due to the name and tagline which sound similar with “EXO” and “EXO Planet”.

Moreover, the boy group just posted on Instagram with descriptions : “The 1st+only NYC born K-Pop band! Our debut single, “LUV//WRONG” drops soon, stay tuned!!”. Continued with : The boys’ first single, “LUV//WRONG” will also be released on iTunes soon! Lyrics co-written by the boys! Be sure to come early and stay after, we will also be showing work that we’ve been preparing since October.”

For sure, fans directly leaving disapproving comments on their photos, claiming the group is copying EXO’s concept with their name and tagline, as well as having nothing to do with K-Pop. Check their acivities here :


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