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JYP Updates Why 2PM’s Comeback Has Been Delayed

2PM 1

Just like we know, 2PM which consist of 6 hot men who will be made a comeback must to delay the plan. This is making fans feel disappointed since they’ve been waiting for idol’s comeback after their single ‘Go Crazy’ last year.

As the official agency, JYP Entertainment had made statement that the idol’s music video will be handle by Naive Creative Production and all the members are currently busy preparing the comeback as soon as possible though the date itself has not been set.

JYP Entertainment also added that they will take a legal action against Han Sa Min of DEXTERLAB as the director incharge who canceled the idols music video filming all of the sudden and making the plan need to be delayed.

The filming plan has been set on May 15 but they were abruptly notified from their MV staff that filming was canceled. A JYPE employee said, “We were given a very one-sided notice from DEXTERLAB’s director Han Sa Min. Because of Director Han’s decision, we’re forced to delay our promotions… [He told us], ‘I cannot film the MV because of personal relationships to an artist that is releasing music near the same time,’ and we were told filming would not happen 4 days before our scheduled time.

Hope we can see the boys as soon as possible like all the Hottest wish!


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Noh Min Woo Files Law Suit Against SM Entertainment Over Alleged Slave Contract

no min woo

Noh Min Woo is a pretty man debuted with the band TRAX in 2004 under the biggest agency, SM Entertainment and left the group in 2006. Since then he appeared in lots of dramas also films. On May 11 his legal representatives JC Partners said that he filed the legal suit against his former agency in April 2014. He also has reported the agency to Korea’s Fair Trade Commission.

“Before No Min Woo debuted, he ended up signing a contract that spanned 17 years, as a result of SM Entertainment’s unilateral terms of contract extension,” said his legal representative. “Contracts extending over seven years are considered unfair, so taking issue in a 17-year contract is a matter of course.”

According to the lawyers, the actor was punished when he opposed the contract’s terms.

“As soon as No Min Woo showed signs of opposition, SM halted all support activities expected of a management company. He did start activities again on his own, but SM Entertainment blocked his television appearances.”

“It goes to show how wrong Noh Min Woo must feel, to go to court with a huge management agency like SM over a contract that is already over,” said his legal representative. “The development of this case must be something to see.”

When news of the lawsuit became public, SM Entertainment responded with plans to counter-sue. They told the Korean media outlet Star Today that they plan to take action against the lawsuit, which they consider groundless and also against the report.

Last year, EXO-M members Luhan and Kris have filed lawsuits against SM Entertainment, asking to nullify their contracts. Their legal team told the Chinese media outlet Sina that SM took advantage of their prominent position by negotiating an unreasonable and unfair contract with the agency celebrities.

Despite the broadcast ban, Noh Min Woo has been busy as an actor for the last year. He appeared in the box office hit film “The Admiral: Roaring Currents” and the dramas “God’s Gift – 14 Days” and “The Greatest Marriage” before playing the title character in “My Unfortunate Boyfriend.”

Will Be Enlisted This Year, Donghae Passes Test for Police Service Unit


One more Super Junior member will be enlisted for military duty. After Shindong and Sungmin, Lee Donghae will serve his compulsory military service this year. He’ll serve in police service unit.

It reported that he has taken selection test and also interview and has been confirmed to pass the test according to the statement released by the concern institute on May 7.

SM Entertainment was also confirmed the statement. “Donghae has successfully passed the test to serve as a conscripted police officer.”

He is currently waiting for the enlistment date, and there is news spreading amongst netizens and Super Junior’s fans saying that he will enlist with his friend, Eunhyuk, after they hold their encore concert, Super Show 6, in Korea.

However, there is no official confirmation after they wrapped up Super Show 6 concert tour in Jakarta on May 3. If Donghae and Eunhyuk were to enlist this year, then there will only eight members left in Super Junior, including Yesung who just completed his compulsory military service.

A Hint From Luna F(X) : Come Back with Full Team

Luna (fx) 1

After solo activity of the members, now there’s a chance to f(x)’s fans to see their idol comeback with full team.

The main vocalist, Luna, has left a message by her Instagram account hinted that f(x) will have a comeback after the leader Victoria and the beautiful Krystal.

On May 6, she posted a video and left a comment “f(x) will soon return together as a team.”


After, many fans flooded the comment section with various comments expressing their happiness heard the good news. Previously, Sully rumored will not join the bandmates in filming the MV due to her ice cream commercial. But suddenly the agency, SM Entertainment, stated that it doesn’t mean Sulli will leave the band.

EXO’s Tao Went to US for Treatment on His Injury


Fans had already known that TAO has suffered for his leg injury which made him absent on ‘Call Me Baby’ promotion.

On May 7, Tao was spotted on  airport in Beijing to fly from Beijing to Los Angeles. It reported that Tao flew to US in order to study abroad also to get treatment for his injury.

Moreover, Tao has not stated  any further explanation yet according about his father SNS post expressing his wish that Tao leaves EXO. He even posted various ambiguous posts and shown at his birthday party hosted by fans in China.


BoA is Ready for Her Come Back


K-pop’s legendary solo woman, BoA, is now ready to come back with her new album. This will be her eight album which set to be released this month.

This is planned as her 15th anniversary in K-pop music industry since her debut back on 2000.

It’s reported that she has taken part in this album special for her fans. The genre will be R&B, funk and also pop.

Please looking forward to her new album!


‘MADE’ Plan Series to Released by YG Entertainment

Big BAng - Made

For BigBang’s fans, the group come back is the best news ever since their last song ‘Fantastic Baby’ released back in 2012.

After a long hiatus for 3 years, these boys will come back with a new album titled ‘MADE’ and one single will be released every month for four consecutive months. starting from May to August this year. The complete album will be released on September 1.

Poster for this plan has been released by the agency, YG entertainment with the words : “BIGBANG PLAN OF MADE SERIES” on it.

The singles to be released monthly will not just be digital singles, but a single album that consists of at least two songs on it! That means, you will have five albums of Bigbang in a year!

Not only that, Bigbang will also hold their world tour concert ‘MADE’ which will visit 15 different countries with total of 70 performances, starting with a two-day concert this weekend at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.


New Foreign Group Band “EXP” with Tagline “EXP Planet” Will be Debuted as K-Pop Group

EXP The Band

As a trend, K-Pop definitely spreads the wings worldwide just what happens nowadays. And one of the phenomenal boy band who succeed making girls cried out loud is a boy group under SM Entertainment, EXO.

The popularity might be a reason why a foreigner boy group named themselves “EXP” with tagline “EXP Planet” will be debuted soon as K-Pop group. EXO-L, as the fans of EXO are showing their anger due to the name and tagline which sound similar with “EXO” and “EXO Planet”.

Moreover, the boy group just posted on Instagram with descriptions : “The 1st+only NYC born K-Pop band! Our debut single, “LUV//WRONG” drops soon, stay tuned!!”. Continued with : The boys’ first single, “LUV//WRONG” will also be released on iTunes soon! Lyrics co-written by the boys! Be sure to come early and stay after, we will also be showing work that we’ve been preparing since October.”

For sure, fans directly leaving disapproving comments on their photos, claiming the group is copying EXO’s concept with their name and tagline, as well as having nothing to do with K-Pop. Check their acivities here :

Tao Leaving EXO : SM Denial and Tao Speaks Up

Tao 3
EXO might be the hottest boy band in these 3 years. 12 handsome boys who turned into only 10 are still in the spotlight. Now is Tao, the younger member of EXO-M’s turn. After his absence of Call Me Baby’s promo, now he’s rumored to be leaving EXO just like the past 2 members, Kris and Luhan.
Since April 14, both Korean and China media were carving for a hint about the rumor. EXO-L was also wondering the truth. But lately, the agency, SM Entertainment spoke up and told the public that it wasn’t true. Tao just absence for promotion activity since he was suffering his ankle and given suggestion for pure rest by the doctor.
Also, Tao replied one of the fans’ question through social media which saying that he won’t leave EXO and the fans need to believe him.
That’s relieved! Get well soon, Tao!

Catch Me If You Can – Newest Concept of Girls Generation

SNSD or more popular to be mentioned as Girls Generation has just released a new music video titled ‘Catch Me If You Can’ since April 10. Another plan is said that Japanese version of this single will be released oN April 22.
With the new concept, you won’t see these eight sexy girls attach with the previous images. Costumes, choreography, background, and music nuance reveal the different concept. Look at the video for full description. Enjoy!