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What Kyuhyun, Minho, Suho, Jonghyun and Sunggyu Think About India?

fluttering india 2

After a fun trip to India, the five lucky boys of popular Korean boy band will share their thoughts about India through KBS 2 TV.

Kyuhyun,said that he has big burden since he’s the oldest among the participants and he has to take care of everyone there. It might be unusual since he’s the youngest in his group, Super Junior. But he relieved when he saw his first appearance on the broadcast.

Leader of EXO, Suho said that life is full of learning and Minho thought that it’s different with the music program he usually attends.

The guitarist of CN Blue, Jonghyun said that he felt empty after back to Korea since he used to live with the other participants when in India. Suprisingly, Sunggyu from Infinite said “Why don’t we living together?” making everyone burst into laughter together.


EX’s Suho Will be Appeared on ‘Era of Sexy Brains – Problematic Men’

TVN channel has announced the new variety show titled ‘Era of Sexy Brains – Problematic Men’. The upcoming program which starred by various artists such as Kim Ji Suk, Tyler Rasch, Lee Jang Won,Rap monster ‘BTS’, Jeon Hyun Moo, and Ha Suk Jin, is set to air this April.
This variety show will be the second performance of Suho after his good appearance on previous variety show ‘Fluttering India’ that also starred by Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Minho, CN Blue’s Jonghyun and Infinite’s Sunggyu.
Along with his phenomenal group, EXO, he just made a come back with single ‘Call Me Baby’. Keep shining, Suho!

Choi Siwon to Star in Chinese Version of We Got Married


Another good-looking actor is join We Got Married Chinese Version. This time, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon is said to be taken part with Chinese model Liu Wen. Their segment will be tittled ‘ We’re In Love’.

Lots of preparations have been done by Chinese production crew to Korea such as meeting with MBC headquarters in January, followed by filming, editing, promotions, and received consultation on the making of of the Chinese version.

Back to last month, there was a rumor said that Kris, Luhan, and Kim Soo Hyun were being considered for the show, but it seems Siwon turned out to be the chosen one!

We’re In Love is planned to be aired on this April. Please stay tune for the new updates of this variety show.

SNSD’s Yuri Shares a Story About Dating Younger Man

On her new variety show, ‘Dating Alone’ which aired on JTBC, SNSD’s Yuri talked about her past relationship with younger man.

The sexy member of girl group Girls Generation who became the guest in Seo Kang Jun’s segment said that she were dating a younger man before. Also, she added “If anything, he was mature and like an oppa. At first he called me noona, and later he started to call me Yuri.”

If you wish to know more  about her past relationship, just stay tuned for the upcoming broadcast of ‘Dating Alone’ on April 4 at 11pm KST!


Chanyeol VS D.O, Who’s The One for Moon Ga Young?

The web drama ‘EXO Next Door’ which set to be broadcasted on April is showing the rivalry among two different personality members, Chanyeol and D.O. They will become rival to attack the heart of Moon Ga Young.


One side, Chanyeol is known as a cheerful boy in real life but act as a short-tempered boy, while D.o who well-known as a calm and shy guy will be acted as a nice and cheerful one with caring personality toward the girl. This is interesting since they’ll show their best in acting which opposite with their true personalities.

Keep looking forward to the next news about this drama.

Henry is About to Tie The Knot!

Henry Married

Good news has just come from Super Junior M’s Henry. The idol has announced his marriage on his SNS.

Another married announcement from Super Junior! Henry from SJ-M just announced his happy day through his SNS with former Jewelry member, Kim Yewon “Everyone, We got married!” he wrote as mentioning Kim Yewon’s ID. The cute couple look cute together with a selca.

Henry also retweeted the post from Yewon who also mentioned his name in her post. Like Henry, Yewon was also full of excitement as she announced the wedding on her SNS. “We got married !!!!!!”.

both of them are one of the new couples for the virtual marriage program ‘We Got married 4’. The two successfully became a couple after choosing each other following their first date.

A lot of positive response from fans on their SNS. “Congratulation for both of You!!”, “You look cute together!”, “Please take care of each other ˆˆ”. Let’s keep supporting these cute couple!

Henry - Yewon

Seo Kang Joon Dating Kwon Yuri?

Kwon Yuri Seo Kang JunNo worries, it just a set up on JTBC variety show ‘Dating Alone’. They both will paired-up as a ‘virtual lover’ in a ‘dating with Seo Kang Joon’ episode.

Based on JTBC’s representative, they are currently preparing a slightly different episode. If she used to be a normal ‘virtual girlfriend’ in other episodes, this time Yuri will monitor Seo Kang Joon’s appearances as her virtual boyfriend.

Yuri has become the show’s member since February 14, and it’s getting more interesting because one of the panelists, Sung Si Kyung is a big fan of her.

You can watch the Yuri and Kang Joon’s performance on the special episode on March 28.

EXO Next Door – The Romantic – Comedy Drama to be Aired on April

After bunch of reality show which had brought up these boys, they’ll come back with a romantic-comedy drama titled ‘EXO Next Door’. Naver reported, this drama will be aired on April 9 with 16 episodes on TV Cast Channel.

These ten gorgeous boys have started filming the complete episodes, where they will act opposite beautiful actress Moon Ga Young.

Members of EXO are in the middle of preparing their second solo concert ‘EXO PLANET #2 – The EXO’luXion’ which will be held from March 13 until 15.

EXO - Next Door