‘MADE’ Plan Series to Released by YG Entertainment

Big BAng - Made

For BigBang’s fans, the group come back is the best news ever since their last song ‘Fantastic Baby’ released back in 2012.

After a long hiatus for 3 years, these boys will come back with a new album titled ‘MADE’ and one single will be released every month for four consecutive months. starting from May to August this year. The complete album will be released on September 1.

Poster for this plan has been released by the agency, YG entertainment with the words : “BIGBANG PLAN OF MADE SERIES” on it.

The singles to be released monthly will not just be digital singles, but a single album that consists of at least two songs on it! That means, you will have five albums of Bigbang in a year!

Not only that, Bigbang will also hold their world tour concert ‘MADE’ which will visit 15 different countries with total of 70 performances, starting with a two-day concert this weekend at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.



New Foreign Group Band “EXP” with Tagline “EXP Planet” Will be Debuted as K-Pop Group

EXP The Band

As a trend, K-Pop definitely spreads the wings worldwide just what happens nowadays. And one of the phenomenal boy band who succeed making girls cried out loud is a boy group under SM Entertainment, EXO.

The popularity might be a reason why a foreigner boy group named themselves “EXP” with tagline “EXP Planet” will be debuted soon as K-Pop group. EXO-L, as the fans of EXO are showing their anger due to the name and tagline which sound similar with “EXO” and “EXO Planet”.

Moreover, the boy group just posted on Instagram with descriptions : “The 1st+only NYC born K-Pop band! Our debut single, “LUV//WRONG” drops soon, stay tuned!!”. Continued with : The boys’ first single, “LUV//WRONG” will also be released on iTunes soon! Lyrics co-written by the boys! Be sure to come early and stay after, we will also be showing work that we’ve been preparing since October.”

For sure, fans directly leaving disapproving comments on their photos, claiming the group is copying EXO’s concept with their name and tagline, as well as having nothing to do with K-Pop. Check their acivities here : https://instagram.com/exp_theband/

Rain and Kim Tae Hee Rumored to Get Married Within The Year

Rain & Kim Tae Hee

The breaking news of the hot couple, Rain & Kim Tae Hee, to get married within the year just exploded and making speculations among netizen and media.

In one side, one of Kim Tae Hee’s close friend said that since Kim Tae Hee is turning 36 in 2015, the parents were agreed for the marriage and they’re planning to do the preparation soon.

Rain converted to Catholicism, following Kim Tae Hee and even sold his house, which caused fans and media in the past to assume the two were preparing for marriage.

Another report said that Rain was working hard in attempt to receive support and blessing of both parents.

But, Rain’s agency has made a statement right away to reports stating, “The parents have not even met yet and we have no specific marriage plans yet.”

Kim Tae Hee’s agency has revealed, “After speaking with her regarding the news about receiving blessings from the parents, she had stated this isn’t true. The rumors about a wedding hall are also not true. Kim Tae Hee is focusing on her next work rather than marriage.”

Tao Leaving EXO : SM Denial and Tao Speaks Up

Tao 3
EXO might be the hottest boy band in these 3 years. 12 handsome boys who turned into only 10 are still in the spotlight. Now is Tao, the younger member of EXO-M’s turn. After his absence of Call Me Baby’s promo, now he’s rumored to be leaving EXO just like the past 2 members, Kris and Luhan.
Since April 14, both Korean and China media were carving for a hint about the rumor. EXO-L was also wondering the truth. But lately, the agency, SM Entertainment spoke up and told the public that it wasn’t true. Tao just absence for promotion activity since he was suffering his ankle and given suggestion for pure rest by the doctor.
Also, Tao replied one of the fans’ question through social media which saying that he won’t leave EXO and the fans need to believe him.
That’s relieved! Get well soon, Tao!

Catch Me If You Can – Newest Concept of Girls Generation

SNSD or more popular to be mentioned as Girls Generation has just released a new music video titled ‘Catch Me If You Can’ since April 10. Another plan is said that Japanese version of this single will be released oN April 22.
With the new concept, you won’t see these eight sexy girls attach with the previous images. Costumes, choreography, background, and music nuance reveal the different concept. Look at the video for full description. Enjoy!

EXO’s Xiumin : There’s No EXO Without TVXQ

xiumin and tvxqOn the previous KBS’ Music Bank – Stardus, EXO talked over about music video and the choreography of their newest single ‘Call Me Baby’. In the segment, the oldest member Xiumin made a statement about the legendary boy band which also EXO’s senior in the agency, TVXQ.

“I’ve been a big fans of TVXQ since my pre-debut times until now. I think, there’s no EXO if there was no TVXQ before.’ He also added that his favorite song of the duo is Rising Sun.

The other members said that Xiumin is a real Cassiopeia. The song of TVXQ can be found on his mp3 player as a proof. He even flew over to Japan to watch Yunho & Changmin’s performance last month on TVXQ WITH Tour Japan Live Concert.

EX’s Suho Will be Appeared on ‘Era of Sexy Brains – Problematic Men’

TVN channel has announced the new variety show titled ‘Era of Sexy Brains – Problematic Men’. The upcoming program which starred by various artists such as Kim Ji Suk, Tyler Rasch, Lee Jang Won,Rap monster ‘BTS’, Jeon Hyun Moo, and Ha Suk Jin, is set to air this April.
This variety show will be the second performance of Suho after his good appearance on previous variety show ‘Fluttering India’ that also starred by Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Minho, CN Blue’s Jonghyun and Infinite’s Sunggyu.
Along with his phenomenal group, EXO, he just made a come back with single ‘Call Me Baby’. Keep shining, Suho!

Choi Siwon to Star in Chinese Version of We Got Married


Another good-looking actor is join We Got Married Chinese Version. This time, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon is said to be taken part with Chinese model Liu Wen. Their segment will be tittled ‘ We’re In Love’.

Lots of preparations have been done by Chinese production crew to Korea such as meeting with MBC headquarters in January, followed by filming, editing, promotions, and received consultation on the making of of the Chinese version.

Back to last month, there was a rumor said that Kris, Luhan, and Kim Soo Hyun were being considered for the show, but it seems Siwon turned out to be the chosen one!

We’re In Love is planned to be aired on this April. Please stay tune for the new updates of this variety show.

Kim Woo Bin is Looking Over to Star in Male and Female Murder

Kim Woobin 1

Yesterday, April 3, Kim Woo Bin, one of the hottest actor these days just revealed that he’s currently considering to join the new movie project called ‘Male and Female Murder’.

His side confirmed, “He recently received the offer for ‘Male and Female Murder’, and he is currently considering the offer along with many other productions. He is looking over other movies and dramas. It’s too early to mention if he has decided yes or no yet.”

The film is said to be an action-melodrama about the confrontation between a detective and a murderer. This means, we’ll might see him once again on action scene just like his previous project, right?

Injured His Ankle, EXO Tao Revealed To Skip Promotion with EXO’s Call Me Baby


After got injured on his ankle, EXO’s Tao can be seen on come back performance of EXO’s new song ‘Call Me Baby’ this week on KBS’ Music Bank.

“After EXO’s M Countdown’ performance,Tao got ankle pain. For now, his activities will be canceled, so he can focus on recovering.” The agency, SM Entertainment just made an announcement yesterday, April 3. So since then, Tao confirmed unable to attend anything in EXO’s schedule.

Back in February, Tao injured his ankle on MBC’s Idol Futsal World Cup and it might be the cause of the present pain.

Get well soon, Tao!

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