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‘MADE’ Plan Series to Released by YG Entertainment

Big BAng - Made

For BigBang’s fans, the group come back is the best news ever since their last song ‘Fantastic Baby’ released back in 2012.

After a long hiatus for 3 years, these boys will come back with a new album titled ‘MADE’ and one single will be released every month for four consecutive months. starting from May to August this year. The complete album will be released on September 1.

Poster for this plan has been released by the agency, YG entertainment with the words : “BIGBANG PLAN OF MADE SERIES” on it.

The singles to be released monthly will not just be digital singles, but a single album that consists of at least two songs on it! That means, you will have five albums of Bigbang in a year!

Not only that, Bigbang will also hold their world tour concert ‘MADE’ which will visit 15 different countries with total of 70 performances, starting with a two-day concert this weekend at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.