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SBS’ New Drama – The Girl Who Sees Smells

SBS’s upcoming drama which is adapted from a webtoon titled ‘Sensory Couple’  that will be broadcast on April 1 just introduced its lead roles on the television station’s official Twitter account today, March 13.

The protagonist man as the main character will be played by JYJ’s Yoochun as Choi Mu Gak who works as a police officer in the drama while the woman main role played by Shin Se Kyung as Oh Cho Rim.

The plot is about Choi Mu Gak who lost his younger sister in the “Bar Code” murder case becomes felt numb physically and emotionally, having lost the sense of smell and taste, and is unable to feel pain or attraction.After, he becomes a detective in order to re-open the investigation into his sister’s death.

Meanwhile, there’s Oh Cho-rim who was the sole survivor among the “Bar Code” serial killer’s victims, who has forgotten all her memories before the traumatic event, but gained the hyper-sensory ability to visualize smells. Cho-rim teams up with Mu-gak to catch the killer later.

After a brief, the title was change to ‘Sensory Couple’ but it’s back to ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ later on. The woman lead role was offered to Suzy who later declined it due to her busy schedule with Miss A. This drama will be aired on Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 replacing Hyde, Jekyll and Me.

Yoochun sensory-couple

JYJ’s Yoochun as Choi Mu Gak

Shin Se Kyung sensory-couple2

Shin Se Kyung as Oh Cho Rim